Activity 4: Meter Reading Master

Background: We love meter reading because students can learn to master it, but because it is not immediately intuitive it also stretches students to practice attention to detail, teamwork, and ultimately a bit of growth mindset ("that doesn't seem like the right reading, let me try it a different way"). We've built in lots of supports to ensure student success, but because this is not a canned activity we truly are empowering our students to figure out what their meter is telling them about consumption at their home -- something only they can help figure out.   

**Best practices: 

  1. Focus on having students learn to read THEIR meter -- not every type of meter. For example, a student not gathering data from a gas meter may not need to learn how to read one, and likewise, a student reading a gallons water meter, may not need to learn to read a water meter that reads in cubic feet.
  2. A photograph or drawing of a student's own meter will be very helpful.
  3. Split students into groups so that students learning to read the same type of meter can help each other (often students from the same area will have similar styles of meters).
  4. Use the Verify your Meter Reading mission if there is every any doubt.  

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