Use the following Cross­-curricular topics and relevant organizing concepts to help you select concepts you would like your students

to learn about, research and take action on during the unit. Use technology, inquiry methods, and nonfiction resources to rigorously

explore or extend your unit focusing on STEM college and career readiness, math concepts, human impacts on scarcity issues, the

water/energy nexus, the interdependence of science, engineering and technology, resource consumption cause and effects, and

geography’s social impact.

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Entrepreneurship / Art:

Idea: Market and sell efficiency products and services that students produce.

● Example: Decorated rain barrels, efficiency audits, then track the businesses’ utility consumption to demonstrate the savings created by the efficiency technology or behavior change.

➨ Case Study: Project Rainway, students decorate and sell rain barrels

● Example: Have students offer to conduct basic energy or water audits in their community.