Student Missions

Student-driven interactive modules, for use in and outside of class.

Build Empathy and Context

Objective: I can describe the unique water and/or energy context of my community



Objective: I can identify my current actions and beliefs related to water and energy



Objective: I can compare and contrast my own interests and aspirations with that of a real STEM professional



Objective: I can predict how much water and energy my home consumes and identify potential opportunities to be more efficient



Objective: I can find the utility meters at my home and draw/take a picture of their meter face



Objective: I can describe the parts of my meter(s) used to record a reading



Objective: I can explain how to collect data from my meter(s)



Objective: I can verify the accuracy of the data I am collecting from my meter(s)



Objective: I can record enough data from my meter(s) to establish a baseline of my home / school's consumption


Objective: I can determine and correct errors in my meter readings





Objective: I can design an experiment that measures the affect of an efficiency action(s) or behavior(s) that I will implement