Our Purpose: School, Family, Planet

We need more students to be ready for, and excited about, careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) -- especially those related to the natural resource challenges we hear about everyday. The so called “STEM Gap” is especially wide for students from underrepresented populations: females, students of color, and those from lower income homes. Young people want to learn skills and knowledge that is clearly relevant to their lives, helps out their families, and empowers them to take on the real environmental challenges that will define their future. Educators want curriculum that is aligned, engaging, and truly rigorous.

For our team, as parents, teachers and conservationists, these are deep and personal values. We are struck that water, gas, and electric utility meters are already measuring students’ individual and collective natural resources footprint ­­ in their homes, schools, and neighborhood businesses. 

Through technology already in students' homes, we are freeing them to be STEM Heroes:

analysts, scientists, engineers, who leverage their own real-life data to make a real difference,

right now.



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