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The Speedy Simple Dashboard you asked for:

Single log in:

  • Teachers and students both log in with the teacher's email and the same school password
  • Accounts come with student, teacher, and school meters already added

Speed filter:

  • Everyone can participate and student privacy is protected because meters are labeled by number -- NO identifying information needed! 
  • Scroll or filter by student meter # for fast data entry and checking for student success

Guided by Stages:

  • Advance through milestones in STEMhero by launching missions and entering key data back into the dashboard

Rapid Reading entry:

  • Add and edit readings with-in the data table -- instantly see results post!
  • Data is kept simple and clean to empower, not overwhelm

Double vision:

  • Raw meter view shows usage accumulating over time -- if it's going down (negative usage) you've got data errors or solar panels!
  • Daily equivalent view helps identify spikes in consumption that you can investigate and measure the affects of your efficiency experiments 

Easy edit:

  • Identifying and fixing errors is a critical STEM skill -- and now, it's also easy
  • Learn from your mistakes, remove readings and restore them instantly

Log in only once:

  • Close without logging out if the same computer will be only be used by a single teacher's class -- no need to log in again.

How can the STEMhero dashboard be even better?