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STEMhero overview, best practices and teacher wisdom -- condensed to under 12 minutes!
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What teachers are saying

Teacher Mike, on having students design t-shirts promoting water conservation tips as part of monitoring their water use: "It worked out really well.  We did it as a project-based learning activity. The students learned about water conservation and marketing at the same time."  

"The kids loved it and are super excited.  Before I even opened my door this morning a student from Cheryl’s class came up to me to tell me about her water meter."

Kelley (Science teacher, 1-to-1 Ipad)



This required very little prep time, and that was great! I didn't have to do anything.  I could've had a sub do it because it was that complete. It was really good. I will use it again, and that is what it comes down to. It has sparked my interest to do more with water... I can assure you that not a single kid know where their water meter was before this unit. Now they do. This is real.

Kathy (Middle School science)



STEMhero was an invaluable component of of our students’ experience last year. We saw students begin to understand how water usage works in homes and businesses. What’s more, several students became genuinely invested in exploring ways to make changes in their own water use at home, school, and work, The folks at STEMhero made the partnership easy - they were flexible, understanding, and fun to work with. I’d recommend STEMhero to any educator looking for a unique, interactive tool to use in the classroom and beyond.

Petra (High School career readiness)



I appreciate how easy it is to work with your team!

Betsy (High School, Environmental Science)



When I started teaching, the idea of how to make science authentic and purposeful was tough to wrap my head around. STEMhero helps to accomplish those goals in my classroom.

Katherine (Middle School Science, Math, and Religion) 



For the first time in 9 years I've found a science curriculum I truly want to co-teach with the theology teacher! The cross-curricular applications to literacy development were also strong; we're all teachers of reading now.

Kathy (Middle School Science)



I liked the aspect of students doing the research on their own and using technology. They liked being able to use their cell phones at school without getting into trouble! The way this project started “at home,” or locally, and then opened to worldwide was fantastic. I loved the way doing small things at home could make a difference. The students felt like they were important, and yet of service.

Lori (Middle School Science)


 Honored to become an official Green & Healthy Schools provider - in support of the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools program

Honored to become an official Green & Healthy Schools provider - in support of the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools program


House, Apartment, shelter, school... All students can Participate! 

Meet some of the large variety of meters they've come to utilize so far: