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What can STEMhero do for you?


Boost Your Priority Programs And Incentives.

STEMhero's customized online platform directly utilizes your existing priority programs, incentives, customer portals, kits, and social media pages. 

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Reach All Children And Families.

STEMhero enhances your existing content to provide a turnkey, rigorous, standards-aligned curricula that works with any device (or without one), is bilingual, and accessible to all students regardless of housing situation (home, apartment, school, shelter, business) or available meters (water and energy). STEMhero pushes for engagement in students' homes, and leverages families' interest in ethical and cost-effective utility consumption to make the students' STEM study relevant.


Get Real, Long-Term Data From Your Service Area.

Teacher-led engagement of students and families happens over weeks - not minutes - at school and in students' homes, simultaneously across your service area during peak demand. And, it's all available in reports for you to share.

Utility Testimonials

Utility Testimonials

Happy Schools, Happy Utilities: Testimonials

"Synthesize and interpret consumption data, and engineer and test real-world solutions to save energy and water"  - Marin Municipal Water District
Synthesize and interpret consumption data, and engineer and test real-world solutions to save energy and water.
— Marin Municipal Water District (Marin County, CA)
In a world that needs more STEM professionals, it’s exciting to see kids making these real-life applications of STEM skills.
— Portland Water Bureau

With the support of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, STEMhero was used in the Boys & Girls Clubs' after school programming specifically focused on motivating underrepresented student populations to pursue STEM study and careers.

[STEMhero] focuses on participatory learning, building on research showing that students are more likely to retain learning when they have a hands-on experience.
— Alliance for Water Efficiency
By connecting student learning in the classroom with their own home’s consumption, STEMhero transforms every household and school into a green building site.
— U.S. Green Building Council - Wisconsin

In April of 2016, STEMhero (formerly MeterHero) was featured in Beyond, Alaska Airlines' monthly magazine.

Read STEMhero's feature on p. 161 >>

[STEMhero] helps users track energy and water savings, and can accommodate communities of friends, classmates or co-workers, adding a social element to water savings.
— Beyond Magazine - Alaska Airlines

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