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Video Creator Bot

STEMhero makes it possible for students to quickly create high-quality videos that communicate their efforts and learning. Using an adult's Facebook account, the STEMhero Facebook Messenger Bot that prompts students with questions, then allows them to record (and re-record!) 20 second video responses. At the end the bot stitches together the individual responses and privately shares the video file with the teacher. 


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Step 1: 

Open Facebook Messenger by clicking 

or sign-up for Facebook.

Note: Facebook accounts are free and available to anyone over 13 years old. 

Optional: Download Facebook Messenger mobile application


Step 2:

If needed, search for and select "STEMhero"

Click on "Get Started" or type "Restart" 

FMstep 3.gif

Step 3:

Type your student number and hit enter


Step 4:

Click the camera icon

Click "Take Video"

Click "Stop Video"

**Optional** Click "Retake"

Click "Send Video"

FMstep 7.gif

Step 5: 

Use your computer or phone camera to show elements of your experiment like your graph or devices you used


Step 6:

After you send the final video you'll see "Great, you're all done!"

STEMhero will stitch them together and send them to your teacher!

Click "Restart" to begin making another video.